Hollywood SPAC to hire the Who’s Who of Entertainment Executives to manage the New Hollywood Multi-Billion SPAC

Hollywood SPAC is hiring the Best of the Top Level Board of Directors and Management.

With thorough meetings with executives underway to fill top roles, the Hollywood SPAC has made it a priority to align itself with the best in the industry to ensure a short term plan of acquiring a Hollywood Studio and a long term objective of elevating the target studio to new heights.

As with any successful endeavor, the heart and soul lays with its management team and complimentary board of directors. With deep ties to the Hollywood industry and plenty of top notch executives in Hollywood, the question is not how, but who. Who will lead the Hollywood SPAC to great heights and throw their hat into a new era of merger and acquisition mania in media.

The hunt to form a Hollywood SPAC dream-team is underway…