August J Liguori

Mr. Liguori is a 40+ year senior financial and operating executive. Mr. Liguori has been an executive member of the management teams for highly recognizable public companies such as World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. in which he was Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. (CFO) Atari Corp. (CFO), The Topps Company in which he was the Corporate Controller and Warner Communications, Inc. predecessor to Time Warner, as a Senior Financial Director. Mr. Liguori also served on the Board of Directors as part of his functions and as fiduciary to the public and private shareholders and other stakeholders.

In addition to his rich and deep entertainment experience, Mr. Liguori has operating experience in the telecom, toy and food processing industries as a key executive serving as a CFO and Chief Executive Officer with these public companies as well.

Mr. Liguori has been the principal officer for many strategic transactions including Initial Public Offerings (IPO), Debt Offering and a variety of Merger and Acquisition transactions and strategic alliances. Mr. Liguori has taken companies public (IPO) or registered debt offerings on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) and American Stock Exchange (AMEX).

Mr. Liguori experience includes full business life cycles including rapid growth/expansion, contractions, restructuring and startups in both domestic and global marketplaces. Throughout his career, Mr. Liguori has developed relationships with a wide reach of financial institutions and operating businesses.

Mr. Liguori and his wife Joyce have been married for 45 years and have three grown children.