The cost of making movies in the US is huge. From hiring actors to the crew, booking locations, studios, sets, make-up artists, stunts men, travel, transportation, and more, producers need big budgets to shoot and make movies. During the pandemic, moviemaking has become even more difficult and costly. The economy crumbled worse than the financial crisis, which further increased the cost of everything around us.

Hence to make the production of movies fast and cost-effective, we believe now is the best time to acquire major studios and consolidate them to increase selling clout and accelerate cost savings. At Hollywood SPAC, we aspire to transform acquisitions of several studios into a Hollywood Studios City inspired by Cinecittà located in Rome, Italy.

Shooting at Hollywood Studios City will mean that moviemakers will have complete access to tons of stages for production, dressing rooms, spaces for hair and make-up, storage rooms, etc. Additionally, as all production processes will be held in one place, everything will be organized efficiently and executed promptly. As a result, the moviemakers would love to shoot and produce their movies in Hollywood Studio City, generating more revenues for us and our investors. This collaboration will also benefit producers and directors as they will be able to make movies with the best resources without compromising the quality and enjoying big cost savings. Put simply, Hollywood SPAC is a win-win for everyone involved.

However, to start acquiring major and several studios, we need to meet certain capital requirements. And we plan to do this via our initial public offering (IPO). If you wish to invest in a project that offers high returns while spreading risk, then our IPO is the perfect opportunity. Help us raise funds to move forward with our mission and create a Hollywood Studios City that continues to generate ongoing profits—helping you maximize returns fast.

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